WPLMS helps four webcast seminars this month

During the epidemic, many project activities were moved to online development. Since receiving the customer's demand, the students of the WPLMS project team quickly analyzed the demand, implemented the deployment, and successfully completed the customer's task.

WPLMS is a set of personalized and modular products, which can extend to many industries and business scenarios. Many customers are afraid to spend more when they hear about personalized customization. Our personalized customization 80% project is free or only costs for working hours Can be deployed and implemented. Customer needs must match the business scenario. A complete set of standardized products cannot meet the business scenario. Our pre-sales consultants need to provide professional and specific implementation plans. It is necessary to maintain communication. A set of systems requires professional solutions from design, development, deployment, and implementation. Long-term effective communication is the foundation of system quality assurance.

Take one of the cases, the customer is an association, and this year we will train the business backbone for the member units. The live conference + online exam has become the core business requirement of the customer. How can the live conference be guaranteed? Thousands of people live broadcast system, It is not a simple sale of live broadcast, but an interactive live broadcast. Thousands of people can turn on the camera and voice, and can speak at any time. The guests and the host control the venue at the same time. This requires the stability and control of the system and the best user experience. . Thousands of people’s live broadcasts have different networks, computers, mobile phones, tablets and other terminal devices. A series of technical problems such as live streaming, streaming, etc. must be solved. In the end, the most critical issue is cost. It can be solved but how much money will be used to solve it, which tests our business and system capabilities.

WPLMS seminar

Highlight 1: Personalized page guidance

We have optimized the user experience for our customers. Starting from the cumbersome registration and login of WPLMS, we gradually optimize it so that customers can order one less time and one less time. Whether students or teachers, we have set up a special landing page, and login does not distinguish between account types. , The system automatically recognizes that it provides page information services for this type of customer, and the personalized needs can be described as very considerate and save time for customers!

Highlight 2: Fast live broadcast

We provide multiple data center guarantees. Customers only need to log in to the nearest data center to connect to the main venue. The whole process is continuous, and up to 6 hours of live courses per day are never disconnected.

Highlight 3: Fully automatic attendance statistics and online exams

The most difficult thing to deal with online courses and exams is attendance. Students did not attend the course, how long they have been, and it is difficult to roll the names of nearly a thousand people during the class. For this reason, we have set up various methods of attendance statistics. To re-enter the venue, re-enter needs to apply and record. If students do not complete the course, they cannot take the online exam, which requires students to be in the live venue.

The online test uses the test question bank + automatic paper output + automatic scoring + e-certificate. Each student has different test questions and the order of the test questions. Students can basically prevent cross-examination and cheating. After submission, the result will be automatically issued. If the exam is passed, it will be Automatically issue certificates and provide certificate verification functions.

Although it is a webinar, it is not simple at all. The live broadcast system must run stably and smoothly, and the learning system must run stably. Our network operation and maintenance engineers have made various adjustments to the server, database, and service bandwidth. Excellent, providing the most solid and stable guarantee for the stable operation of the venue!

For meetings with hundreds of people, meetings with thousands of people and even meetings with tens of thousands of people, we are also capable of providing you with high-quality services across countries and regions. In a word from our customers: we are at ease with you! Maybe we have never met, maybe we have never met, a few seminars and a few meetings let us complete a conference together. This time it relies on our hard work and persistence, and it relies on your trust in us!