WPLMS Chinese Character Writing Courseware Helps K12 and Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language

WPLMS has specially developed Chinese character writing practice courseware for K12 preschool students, first and second grades of elementary school and foreign Chinese teaching customers. From the demonstration of Chinese character writing stroke order to the pronunciation of Chinese characters, students can quickly learn to write Chinese characters through this courseware. The courseware can be used in many Kind of smart device use. In addition to supporting simplified Chinese, it also supports traditional Chinese writing practice. Note: The pronunciation of Chinese characters is based on the pronunciation of Mandarin.

Courseware parameters:

Courseware name:WPLMS Chinese Character Writing Practice Courseware

Courseware Number: WPLMS-K-21031

Platform support: WPLMS Standard Edition, Professional Edition

Suitable for customers: K12, Chinese teaching

Client support: WEB, H5, APP, applet

Deployment method: API

Deployment time: 1 working day

Deployment costs: VIP-B, VIP-C package customers during the test free deployment

Authorization method:free

Recommended ways to promote drainage:

  1. Use with small program activities and homework functions, share posters to Moments, and give new members free simultaneous practice lessons for primary school grades after registration (attracting fans index:);
  2. With distribution management, synchronous Chinese character courses are set up by grade. Students get a free course through live class, group activities, etc., and analyze the course will also get another course (attracting fans index:);
  3. Mini programs and APP distribution can earn points (attract fans index:).
  4. With the evaluation function, students with the most literacy can receive offline courses, etc. (attracting fans index:♥♥♥♥).