Can be put on the App store, Google Play and other application markets, and distributed to 170 countries and regions

WPLMS® online education learning system

Say goodbye to the same, personalized education is the future

WPLMSAPP has multiple functions such as learning, activities, appointment, live broadcasting, distribution, learning plan, audio, etc. Various modules can be freely combined. Exactly match your business model.

Which application markets can the APP be released?

WPLMSAPP supports the release of App Store, Google Play, Huawei, Xiaomi and other application markets.

Does the app charge?

Customers of WPLMS technical service B and C packages can publish it for free! Save the cost of APP publishing.

WPLMS® online education learning system

APP function

Function modules can be freely combined, and used for free

Course modules

Recording and broadcasting, live broadcasting, audio, PPT, PDF courses are all available, and homework can be submitted online (voice, picture, text, video format)

Online assessment

Exam question bank, multiple test question types, and evaluation reports available online

Live module

One-to-one, large class, small class, Youtube live, zoom live support

Activity module

You can set up registration, class grabbing, points grabbing, coupons and other functions

Appointment module

You can make appointments for teachers to attend classes, online Q&A, activities, and service appointments. You can use points and cash to pay

Distribution module

Support secondary and tertiary distribution model, multiple gameplay, support fan fission

WPLMS® online education learning system

Support secondary development, free reuse of modules, lower development cost!

The WPLMS applet is a modular product, which supports secondary development, and the first module can be used for free

 E-commerce system

Use the course system to impart product knowledge to customers, increase customer stickiness, and make it easier to develop new members

The current ability to support multi-site, location-based sales

 Talent system

It can realize the functions of online resume delivery, exhibit management, internship report, multi-party management, and check-in by internship position

Professional talent system

 Distribution system

Realize secondary and tertiary distribution models, fan fission, online commissioning, multi-party reconciliation, e-commerce system, financial management, etc.

Independent distribution applet
WPLMS® online education learning system


WPLMS needs to be deployed before it can be used. We provide you with professional technical services such as demand research, installation and deployment, operation and maintenance promotion, saving time and trouble!

Which application markets does WPLMS APP support?

APP supports mainstream application markets such as App store, Google play, Huawei, Baidu, Tencent, Xiaomi, etc.

What is the cost of publishing WPLMS APP?

Customers of WPLMS technical service B and C packages can publish it for free! Save the cost of APP publishing.

WPLMS has modular functions, pages and business processes can be customized, please experience the functions, others can be adjusted!

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