Make your WPLMS more powerful!

If you have a good idea, we provide custom development such as plug-ins, APPs, applets, distribution systems, etc.

Module reuse can reduce development costs and go online quickly!

Modular development, easy to integrate various business systems, free development of existing functions!

WPLMS system and component development

Development of customized systems such as WPLMS functional components, teaching management systems, and distribution systems

APP, small program development

Personalized customized APP (Android, IOS), mini programs (WeChat, Toutiao, Douyin, QQ, Baidu, Alipay, etc.)

Courseware development

Customization and development of multimedia courseware, interactive courseware, and animation courseware

WPLMS custom development process

Development cycle: one week in the short-term, 30-90 days in the long-term.

demand analysis

You tell us the needs, we will discuss with you and confirm the development needs according to your needs, and help you optimize your business logic.

Formally developed

The development cycle is at least 1-3 days, and the medium and long-term development is 30-90 days.

Test online

It will be officially launched after 15 days of trial operation.

Development case

The WPLMS system is deployed by function and can be developed across multiple industries.Online consultation

Course Distribution System

University laboratory reservation management system

School-enterprise tripartite internship talent management system

Branch campus financial system

Human Resource Management System

Multi-store system (sold by location)