WPLMS support and service

WPLMS needs to be deployed before it can be used. We provide you with professional technical services such as demand research, installation and deployment, operation and maintenance promotion, saving time and trouble!
WPLMS® online education learning system

Low-cost deployment, save you money and time

If you need help, please contact us! We provide professional technical services!

WPLMS installation and deployment

Just put forward your needs, our WPLMS engineers will match your needs and deploy!

WPLMS system optimization

We provide website, server and network optimization to make your WPLMS faster and more stable!

WPLMS system and component development

Development of customized systems such as WPLMS functional components, teaching management systems, and distribution systems

Mini Program Development

Personalized customized APP (Android, IOS), mini programs (WeChat, Toutiao, Douyin, QQ, Baidu, Alipay, etc.)

Internet Conference

Support domestic and foreign large and medium-sized live web seminars, conference support, simultaneous translation, live broadcast system operation and maintenance, etc.

Courseware development

Customization and development of multimedia courseware, interactive courseware, and animation courseware

Cheerful business team

Please contact us if you need help

WPLMS China Technical Support-We provide professional technical support services to help you optimize the code and server, build and deploy online training systems, etc., so that you can use it more assuredly

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WPLMS® online education learning system

Technical support service package

We provide you with professional demand research, installation and deployment, operation and maintenance promotion and other services to help you save time, trouble, and operation and maintenance costs!

Package A

Basic services
¥ 3588 /year
  • Applicable to all versions
  • Chinese Sinicization
  • System patch upgrade
  • WPLMS-VIP-A service
  • Global multilingual
  • page design
  • Provide applet
  • Server security protection
  • Technical support services (basic)
Limited time offer 35%

Package B

Professional Services​
¥ 8788 The second year renewal fee starts from 0 yuan
  • Applicable to all versions
  • A package full service
  • WPLMS-VIP-B service
  • WPLMS private cloud deployment
  • Mini program live broadcast free of data charges
  • Paid custom development
  • Provide APP, Mini Program
  • Technical Support Service (Professional)
  • In the second year, you can switch to the pay-per-view service package, and the pay-per-view service package is free of package fees (this service is limited to Chinese customers).
Private cloud deployment

Package C

VIP hosting service​
¥ 17566 Manual service, save time and trouble!
  • Applicable to all versions
  • Package B all services
  • Managed service, maintenance-free
  • WPLMS-VIP-C service
  • WPLMS professional customized deployment
  • Global acceleration optimization
  • WPLMS custom page
  • System professional security protection
  • One-to-one support from expert consultants
  • One-to-one support from marketing consultants
  • WPLMS development man-hours
Free development man-hours

D package

Development service (optional)
¥ 350 Yuan Qi
  • WPLMS function development
  • Mini Program Development
  • APP development
  • School Management System
  • Talent recruitment management system
  • Customer Relationship Management System
  • Courseware customization
  • Customized development of small games
  • Other system development
  • Existing modules are free to use and go online quickly, please contact online customer service for details
Free for existing modules