WPLMS cross-border course

Start your global high-speed and low-latency live broadcast courses from overseas to China or from China to overseas

WPLMS live broadcast system

Global live courses

Integrating cloud live broadcast systems such as ZOOM and BBB, students can pay to book teacher courses, one-on-one, small classes, large classes or up to 10,000 people live courses.

24/7 technical service

We provide you with professional demand research, installation and deployment, operation and maintenance promotion and other services to help you save time, trouble, and operation and maintenance costs!

Live broadcast system deployment

Professional deployment according to your needs, the deployment time can be completed within 3 working days, and can be adjusted at any time in the future

Global Network Acceleration (CDN)

Massive nodes + overseas CDN dedicated line acceleration, facilitating global high-speed access and safe access to users. Provide safety protection function.

System operation and maintenance

We cooperate with many IDCs around the world and can provide various network products and system operation and maintenance services. We have served more than 1,000 customers worldwide for more than 20 years

Conference live translation

We provide subtitle translation for live conferences, and currently we can provide translations in Chinese, English, and Japanese. The participant's listening and interpretation function is now available (currently supports English-Chinese, Japanese-Chinese), please contact us if you have any needs.

Conference system integration

Integrated ZOOM, cloud live broadcast system. Small class, large class, one hundred, one thousand class or webinar, support live broadcast of up to ten thousand people (* ZOOM domestic version and international version purchase service will be provided from now on)