Online education learning system that can be personalized

As many as 150 functions make your online education unique!
WPLMS® online education

WPLMS Standard Edition

Suitable for global use, comply with EU GDPR and other countries and regions' compliance laws, develop and deploy based on the Wordpress system, support multi-language, multimedia courseware, homework, exams, live broadcast, etc.

Webpage template and picture material (available for free)

Genuine authorization to protect your intellectual property

Globalization translation and search promotion optimization (available for free)

Support AI translation or manual translation, promote support for Baidu, Goolge, Bing

APP& Mini Program

Support WeChat, QQ, Toutiao, Douyin, Alipay, Baidu smart applet and other small program clients, and can publish APP for Android, IOS, Windwos, Hongmeng OS (the only IOS APP release in the world)

Live and recorded courses

Support MP4, HLS, VR (virtual course), Zoom, Google meeting, BBB and other conference systems

Exam certification

Question bank design, self-defined dynamic paper output, and judgment, support e-certificates, and can customize various e-certificates online (by course or exam)

1000+ theme templates

Provide 1000+ genuine theme templates and 100,000 genuine material library resources every month

70+ languages

Localized service, supporting 70+ languages around the world, making it easier for students to learn knowledge

Payment gateway (domestic and overseas)

Support WeChat, Alipay, credit card payment, Green World (Taiwan), Paypal, Wepayez, Stripe, Unifpay

WPLMS® online education

WPLMS Professional Edition

Designed for domestic users, suitable for course distribution, multi-site management, distribution management, support for multiple campuses, multiple classes, WeChat, Toutiao, Douyin, Baidu applet and other clients


Recommend one

Support WeChat, QQ, Toutiao, Toutiao, Douyin, Alipay, Baidu Smart Mini Program

One-click generation of seven platform applets

Channel distribution

Recommendation two

Three-level distribution, courses, events, registration, live broadcast, appointment and other modules can share posters, and channels can generate independent QR codes to track records and distinguish customers

The best tool to expand customers

Make an appointment

Recommendation three

Support WeChat, QQ, Toutiao, Toutiao, Douyin, Alipay, Baidu Smart Mini Program

It can realize automatic class scheduling, schedule generation, WeChat, SMS notification, etc.

WPLMS® online education

common problem

The WPLMS Professional Edition is compatible with the standard version and uses a new framework for deployment. The performance is improved over the standard version.Advisory Service

Can the professional version of WPLMS Standard Edition be used?

At present, both the standard version and professional version systems have been opened, and standard version customers can use the professional version.

Which version should we choose when it comes to platform compliance?

If you have foreign customers on your platform, such as European and American countries, it is recommended to use the standard version. The standard version can be implemented in all countries around the world and strictly abide by the GDPR (EU’s General Data Protection Regulation). Any version can be selected for domestic customers. .


Make your online education smarter

WPLMS development

We provide integrated services from online learning system, courseware development, and marketing. Provide free migration of other learning system data, secondary development can reuse the modules we have developed for free. Personalized customization saves time and effort!


The WPLMS system can integrate the functional components of cloud service providers such as Google, Facebook, Alibaba Cloud, Tencent Cloud, Baidu Smart Cloud, and AWS. Please consult online customer service for details.

WPLMS® online education

WPLMS customized version

Enterprise internal training, K12 children’s education, financial securities, artwork, sports and fitness, manufacturing industry, etc., school (training institution) management system, talent system, mini program/official account management system, e-commerce system, etc., to support customer business systems

Industry case

The following is customized development using WPLMS Professional Edition. Educational products are industry-wide products with relatively complete functions. Products for non-educational industries can be customized, such as talent recruitment system, customer relationship system (CRM), customer service support system, channel distribution system, etc., to meet your business expansion, we provide one-stop customized development services to save you development costs . The following products are all finished products that can be used directly, please consult customer service if necessary.

WPLMS function list

(This feature list was updated on April 1, 2021)

 FeaturesStandard EditionProfessional Edition
terminalPC website, H5, APP (standard version only)stand bystand by
WeChat Mini Program (Tik Tok, QQ, Dingding Mini Programs can be customized)stand bystand by
Course modulesTeachers make courseware onlinestand bystand by
Multimedia courseware (PPT, PDF, video, voice, text, pictures, etc.)stand bystand by
Course Salesstand bystand by
Course content sharing (for teachers to group classes at will)stand bystand by
Independent panel for students and teachersstand bystand by
Support multiple teachers (teacher, counselor, etc.)stand bystand by
Teacher-paid courses and sub-commissions (MOOC mode)stand bystand by
Course auditionstand bystand by
Course video introductionstand bystand by
Job module (support attachment upload)stand bystand by
Course discussion (there is a dedicated course discussion area)stand bystand by
Course evaluationstand bystand by
Course plan (regular courses can be arranged)stand bystand by
Course content anti-copystand by
Course retakestand bystand by
Course grouping (Courses can be set up in groups, students who are not in the group cannot learn courses)stand bystand by
Course materials download (support PPT\PDF and other file formats)stand bystand by
Single sign-on (only one student can study)stand bystand by
Course Promotionstand by
Course Pointsstand by
Multilingual coursesstand bystand by
Teacher's work reviews (text)stand bystand by
Teacher's work reviews (voice, video)stand by
Live moduleInteractive live broadcast (electronic whiteboard, students can write)stand bystand by
Live videostand bystand by
Video recording (support video live recording function, recording while broadcasting)stand bystand by
OBS Taipan Livestand by
Screen sharing (shareable desktop, camera)stand bystand by
PPT live broadcast (support PPT split screen prompt)stand bystand by
Video conference modestand bystand by
Global live broadcast accelerationstand bystand by
Live group discussion (participants can be grouped)stand bystand by
Exam module Multi-dimensional automatic test paper composition (select questions from a variety of question banks and set scores for each)stand bystand by
 Test reportstand bystand by
 Support automatic and manual scoringstand bystand by
 Certificate authentication systemstand bystand by
 Certificate query systemstand bystand by
 Course Completion Badgestand bystand by
 Support multi-terminal exams (support the use of computers, tablets, mobile phones and other devices to test)stand bystand by
Marketing module Agency model (distribution model, hierarchical agency)stand by
 Secondary and tertiary distribution system (invisible distribution, avoiding embarrassment, automatic identification by the system, and deductible from collect payment)stand by
 Forward to the circle of friends (the course poster can be forwarded to the circle of friends at will)stand by
 Coupons, points coupons, discount coupons for offline coursesstand by
 Point cash swapstand by
 Spike, group buying (multi-player group)stand by
 Invitation to buy (invite friends to join class)stand by
Free course forwarding and distributionstand by
Activity reservation (timed activity)stand by
Class rush activities (limited time and number of people)stand by
Multi-campus distribution activitiesstand by
Multi-campus points activitiesstand by
Activities into the class (limited time and number of people)stand by
School Management ModuleMulti-campus mode (support branch school management)stand by
Class management (support branch school classes)stand by
Class teacher management modelstand by
Counselor mode (homework reviews, test arrangements)stand by
Students join the class (register)stand by
Class courses (add courses to class)stand by
Class activities (only for class students to participate in mode)stand by
Class Points Rewardstand by
Class dynamic notificationstand by
School announcement noticestand by
Class personnel review modestand by
Enterprise internal training mode (please refer to WPLMS industry version for department, level management, etc.)stand by
Student Information Managementstand by
Student registration (WeChat, Douyin, QQ login)stand by
Mobile phone number bindingstand by
Teacher Information Managementstand by
Teacher work panel (website, applet)stand by
Verifiedstand by
Course Evaluation Managementstand by
Student study report managementstand by
School learning materials managementstand by
System module Mailing Listsstand bystand by
 Website Management Systemstand bystand by
 Page making functionstand bystand by
 Mobile adaptivestand bystand by
 Mobile station, mobile station, H5 pagestand bystand by
 Content modulestand bystand by
Mini Program Developmentstand by
 Third-party login such as WeChat, SMS, QQ, etc.*stand bystand by
 WeChat Pay, Alipay Pay, Baidu Pay*stand bystand by
 APP (Android, IOS)*stand bystand by
 WeChat Online School*stand bystand by
Cluster moduleCourseware marketstand by
Automatic import of coursewarestand by
Courseware order (limited date)stand by
Multi-level and multi-system management (support group-headquarters-branch separate private cloud deployment mode)stand by
Corporate department managementstand by
Enterprise rank managementstand by
Course rights managementstand by
Courseware Resale Managementstand by
Course order contract managementü support
Courseware blockchain copyright managementstand by
Technical Service Support Emergency supportstand bystand by
 Chinese Servicestand bystand by
 Cloud classroomstand bystand by
 Material toolsstand bystand by
Custom Developmentcustomizablecustom made
Global data accelerationstand bystand by
Domestic network accelerationstand bystand by
Distributed deploymentstand bystand by
High concurrent load balancingstand bystand by
Server installation and deploymentstand bystand by
Server performance optimizationstand bystand by
Advanced DDoS cloud protectionstand bystand by
Advanced CC cloud protectionstand bystand by
Advanced WAF cloud protectionstand bystand by
Vulnerability scanstand bystand by
Edge computingstand bystand by
SEO (new station registration, update synchronization)stand bystand by
Customer support time (7*8 hours)stand bystand by
API open interfacecustomizablecustomizable
Business members get throughstand bystand by
other servicecustomizablecustomizable